Aric S. Queen

Traveling Media Consultant

Photo of Aric S. Queen looking dashing in Berlin

Aric S. Queen is a writer, photographer, former radio and television presenter, author, snacker and hat lover. His previous projects can be seen on National Geographic, BBC Travel, and Lonely Planet. Aric has twice been listed in the “Top 100 Travel Photographers in the World” and was named one of three Travelers by National Geographic in 2012. He is currently riding his bicycle from Berlin to Asia while working on his latest project, Letters From A Queen.

Aric’s services

Media consultation for authors

Want to know how to get yourself and your story into the world? Aric S. Queen’s been there and done that. Learn how to build your author platform and get great media coverage through writing, speaking, radio, video, and social media. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Aric by Skype, phone, or email. $99/hour.

Areas of Expertise


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Lonely Planet’s PATHFINDERS: Maritime Lemonade Stand

Co-Host with Denver Nicks: Snacks and Snacks

Travel Writing

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National Geographic: The Good Traveler

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Instagram: @aricsqueen

Personal Narrative/Memoir

the shanghai [exile] diaries