Book Description Toolkit

Search Engine Optimization for Indie-Published Authors

Copy, categories, and keywords in one powerful package.

Every author needs strong, strategic metadata to make sure their books have the best chance of being discovered online and in bookstores. If you’re unfamiliar with the back end of your Amazon Author account, your My Identifiers account, or your website, don’t panic — we can help.
Our Book Description Toolkit contains all the components you’ll need for a strong SEO strategy, whether you’re pre-launch or have been published for years. 

Table of Contents

    • Long description (up to 500 words)
    • Short description (up to 250 words)
    • 10+ Amazon keywords, listed in order of importance
    • 2+ Amazon categories
    • 3+ Bowker/BISG/BISAC categories
    • A tagline

Part I: A Great Book Description

A great book description is a vital and versatile piece of copy that you’ll use over and over as you pitch, publish, and market your book. We’ll optimize yours with strategic keywords and key phrases that are not only tailored for your target audience, but also proven to perform well in Amazon and Google searches. There are no guarantees, of course — we’re not wizards — but our tools crunch actual Amazon & Google data, and we’ll give you the best shot possible. 
The long description we’ll provide is for your online book product pages, which give you plenty of room to ramble. The short description is for media campaigns, sales promos, and jacket copy. 

Where you’ll use your book descriptions:

  • Jacket copy for your print book
  • Product descriptions on Amazon & other online booksellers 
  • Bowker’s My Identifiers (your online ISBN management account)
  • Your author website
  • Your electronic press kit (EPK)
  • Marketing and media campaigns

Part II: Keywords and Categories for Amazon and Beyond

We’ll research comparative titles and authors for you, find the keywords and phrases that work best in your market, and analyze them with an expert eye to choose the ones that are most promising for your project. 
Little-known fact: Amazon gives you 2 categories to start with, but you can unlock more by asking them nicely and knowing your market. Read more about that here.

Where you’ll use your keywords and categories

  • Amazon & other online marketplaces
  • Bowker’s My Identifiers (your ISBN account)
  • Your website’s metadata
  • Online ebook promos

Bonus Section: A Tagline

A tagline or cover blurb will make your published book look even more professional.  


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