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Reserve time with Meghan or Sunny

Hourly outriding:

Critique, editing, consultation, query assistance, market research, moral support, and more. Whatever it takes to get you and your book where you want to go.

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*outrider (noun): a person in a motor vehicle or on horseback who goes in front of or beside a vehicle as an escort or guard. Read more about Sunny Cooper here, and Outrider Literary here.

Book a mini critique with Meghan, Matthew, or Sunny

Mini critique:

Full critical read, lightly annotated manuscript, authentic advice on your best next steps with this draft.

Hire Meghan, Sunny, or Matthew

Please indicate in the booking notes which editor you’d like to work with. We reserve the right to bump up your fee for suspicious word counts. Read more about Matthew Arkin here and critique options here.

Hire beta readers

Sunny’s civilized betas:

Professional readers with targeted, critical, timely & anonymous feedback. $100 per beta reader (100% goes to the betas) + $150 management fee.

Meghan’s feral betas:

Everyday readers who are drawn to your book organically. As of August 22, 2018, there are 168 readers on this list. No promises, no guarantees, $250 flat.


Bring your own betas and we’ll get them to tell us what they really think of your book. $150 flat.

One round of beta readers

Check out our beta reader questionnaire here.

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