We have a busy season ahead of us. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones — we hope you’re among them!

Digital Author/Indie Publishing Conference

Boot Camp Extreme Writing Workshop

October 20-22 in Los Angeles

Matthew Arkin and I will be leading workshops at the Digital Author/Indie Publishing and Boot Camp Extreme Creative Writing Conferences, as well as meeting with authors for one-on-one critique sessions. I’m beyond excited about these events — I missed last year’s conferences & am making up for lost time with two excellent classes.

Publishing Paths 101: Indie, Traditional, and Hybrid Options for Authors

Meghan Pinson and Matthew Arkin

A concise, author-centered exploration of publishing options for authors who are at the outset or on the fence. Covers pros, cons, costs, and timelines for traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing and marketing paths.
Workshop: A facilitated round-table discussion of the pros and cons of the publishing options.

Critique: Participants can submit publishing plans for critique that focuses on the author’s stated goals, desired timelines, and preferred budgets.

Circumstance and Desire: The Primary Elements of Story

Matthew Arkin

Learn how mastering the elements of circumstance and desire can make your storytelling more believable and compelling. In this lecture and workshop, Matthew Arkin will teach you to ask questions of your characters that reveal their motivations and to construct circumstances that will push them to their limits. When motivation and circumstance collide, the story you are telling will be compelling and seamless.

Workshop: A series of writing exercises will guide writers through an exploration of desire and circumstance through mechanisms of action, dialogue, and exposition.

Critique: Writers may submit scenes for critique that focuses on circumstance, desire, and how they drive the storytelling.

Editing Master Class: Exposition Exposed

Meghan Pinson

Lecture: Learn about the different types of exposition and how it can either serve or sever your connection with your readers.

Workshop: We’ll workshop a scene or two together, identifying exposition and determining whether it’s helping or hurting. If the class is large, we’ll do this in small groups; if it’s small, we’ll do it together.

Critique: Participants can submit scenes from their WIP for critique that focuses on exposition and explains what’s working and what’s not.

Book Description Blast

Meghan Pinson

Lecture: ​Learn the elements of an effective book description and how to tweak them for back cover copy, Amazon descriptions, and author websites.

Workshop: We’ll draft or revise book descriptions, workshop them in small groups or as a class, then revise and repeat.

Critique: Participants can submit book descriptions for critique that focuses on what’s working, what’s not, and whether they would lead to sales.

ShowMe Writers Masterclass

October 28-29 in Columbia, MO

This is the second year for this conference and my first year attending — I’m thrilled and honored to be included as a mentor. I’ll be meeting with individual authors throughout the weekend to discuss their submissions and ambitions. Should be a lot of fun!