Editing Workshops

These workshops can be offered individually or as a series. They’re perfect for writing groups, critique groups, Nanowrimo prep, and conferences. Contact me for more information.

Session 1: Exposition Exposed

Learn once and for all the difference between showing and telling so you can find and fix the flabby parts of your writing. In the first half of class, we’ll define terms, look at examples, and analyze what works and what doesn’t. In the second half, we’ll workshop a work in progress and make it lean & strong.

Session 2: Verb Tense

Learn how putting the right verbs into the right tenses can make your fiction stronger and cleaner. In the first half of class, we’ll talk about verb tense and what it does. In the second half, we’ll tackle examples and practice revising together.

Session 3: Point of View

Learn why perspective is everything. In the first half of class, we’ll discuss the different POVs—first, second, and third-person, unlimited and omniscient, and multiple—and how they govern storytelling. In the second half, we’ll critique and revise passages together.

Capstone workshop: Novel Revision 101: DIY and Collaborative Revision

In this three-hour workshop, you’ll draft a plan to get your novel from first draft to finished manuscript. We’ll break down the stages of writing, revising, and editing, and look at how fear, avoidance, and pride are your worst enemies. I’ll teach you how to test each scene for POV, tone, and tension, and help you know when to get help, where to find it, and what to expect from it. You’ll leave with an editing schedule that starts with you and expands to include critique groups, professionals, and beta readers.