Originally posted April 27, 2017

Notes from a newly puppified household

I’ve been puppy-sitting recently for a friend as she recovers from surgery, and the sleek streak of fur and muscle pictured above has been changing my life. Suddenly I’ve found myself wanting a fenced-in yard, a mortgage, and a row of peonies to call my own. These are big changes for this landlord-loving great indoorswoman, and I would never have known I wanted them if not for my childhood friend trusting me with her furbaby. (Thanks, Christina!)

There are lots of lessons here – about trust, loyalty, routines, treats, and twice-daily walks around the block – but the lesson I’m thinking about today is that the things our friends bring into our lives can change us in ways we didn’t see coming.

So I’ll ask for a favor, and offer something in return. Just as a good dog can make you a better person, a good editor can make you a better writer. (Yeah, I’m the dog in this analogy.) If you introduce me to your friends, I’ll make it worth your while:

A strategy session for you and an intro edit for your friend. That’s equal to $100 for each of you, and about 3 hours of my time, if you both come to collect.

You know better than anyone whether I’d be a good match for your writer friend. I’d love it if you sent someone my way. If they get in touch and request an intro edit from me – by phone, email, or through my website – I’ll be delighted to return the favor by scheduling a strategy session with you to talk about your writing and publishing projects and goals.

It was an honor to be asked to take care of my friend’s puppy, and it would be an honor to be invited to meet your friends and their manuscripts. You know I’ll take good care of them.

Thanks for thinking about it!