Script critique

with Matthew Arkin

A writer working on a screenplay or teleplay faces many challenges:

  • How much action should I describe?
  • How can I make my dialogue more natural and realistic?
  • How does dramatic story structure work in my intended format?

Screenplays and teleplays are frameworks for visual stories that can only be completed in collaboration with many other artists, and every contributor brings their own contributions to the finished product.

A well-written script not only presents a great story, but also gives a clear blueprint to the director, technical and design teams, and the actors, but a poorly written script can hide an otherwise compelling story and forfeit your chances of seeing your project succeed.

If you’d like help honing your script into a sharp, clear, concise document that allows others to bring your vision to the screen or stage, a critique or mentorship with Matthew Arkin could be an excellent investment.

Components of a script critique

  1. Full critical read of your script
  2. One-hour phone consultation to discuss in detail your use of dialogue, act and story structure, character development, and description of action

Contact Meghan for rates or to request a consultation with Matthew through the form below.

Script critique with Matthew Arkin

About Matthew Arkin

Matthew Arkin has been passionately involved in the exploration of character, plot, and motivation since he began his professional acting career at the age of eight. He holds a BA with honors in English from Wesleyan University and a JD from Fordham Law School. After five years of practicing law, he followed his passion and returned to his acting career.

In addition to his extensive Broadway, film, and television credits, he is an Adjunct Professor at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where he teaches courses in storytelling and film production. He directs the Acting Intensive Program at South Coast Repertory’s Theatre Conservatory in Costa Mesa, California and has performed in the original productions of new plays with some of our finest playwrights, both established (Donald Margulies, Richard Greenberg, Annie Weisman) and newly emerging (Barbara Dana, Steven Drukman, Samuel D. Hunter, and Michael Hollinger). This work has kept him intimately connected with storytelling.

His first novel, In the Country of the Blind, has garnered considerable praise, and is highly recommend if you’re into modern noir detective stories. You can check him out on Goodreads here and find his website hereAnd his LA Times interview is here!

Matthew is currently accepting manuscripts, scripts, and screenplays for critique.

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