The Storyteller’s Eye

A Six-Exercise Guided Mentorship in Creative Writing

Photo of Matthew Arkin looking dashingly handsome against a black backdropIn this self-paced online writing course taught by Matthew Arkin, writers tackle a series of exercises designed to evoke vivid imagery and active characterization in the pursuit of the “vivid and continuous dream” that is the hallmark of great fiction.

Matthew will provide in-depth notes on each submission to help students understand how their decisions about imagery, description, characterization, tone, theme, and more affect the reader. The course concludes with an hour-long one-on-one phone or Skype consultation.


Exercise #1: The Image as Inspiration

Creating moments your readers can see.

Exercise #2: The Living Character

Creating a character that lives and breathes far beyond the boundaries of the page.

Exercise #3: The Character in Need

Creating desire and compelling pursuit.

Exercise #4: The Story Beneath the Story

Developing subtext in dialogue and deed.

Exercise #5: The Turning Point

Crafting decisive moments in your stories.

Exercise #6: The Resonant Ending

Using three-act structure to evoke surprise and satisfaction in your readers.

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