The Storyteller’s Eye

A Six-Draft Course in Creative Writing

In this self-paced online writing course taught by Lead Story Editor Matthew Arkin, writers tackle a series of exercises that pull them through the development of a strong and vivid scene.

Each draft begins with a writing assignment that sparks a conversation on the page between teacher and student. Matthew’s comprehensive annotations and critique notes help students understand how their decisions about which words to put on the page affect the reader. The course includes three 15-minute check-ins by phone or email and concludes with a one-hour Skype or phone consultation.


Exercise #1: The Image as Inspiration

How to write believable moments your readers can envision.

Exercise #2: The Living Character

How to create characters that live and breathe beyond the boundaries of the page.

Exercise #3: The Character in Need

How and why to create characters with compelling motivations and desires.

Exercise #4: The Turning Point

How to engineer decisive moments in your stories.

Exercise #5: The Story Beneath the Story

How to present subtext in dialogue and deed.

Exercise #6: The Resonant Ending

How to use three-act structure to surprise and satisfy your readers.

Interested in The Storyteller’s Eye? Drop Matthew a line and schedule a free consultation.

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