Sun Cooper

Photo of Sun Cooper of Follow the Buffalo and My Two Cents Editing

Sun Cooper is a writer, editor, and publishing consultant. She founded Follow the Buffalo, a literary studio designed to assist storytellers and organizations in reaching their publishing horizon. Currently, she is the digital editor for Waves, a bimonthly publication featuring diverse creative women in the arts, and an executive consultant with A Room of Her Own Foundation. Sun brings over 18 years of writing and publishing experience to My Two Cents Editing as an editorial consultant and program director.

With her amalgamation of Cherokee, French, Basque and American West ancestry, she strongly identifies as a woman, mother, writer, and sojourner who asks for the wisdom of ancient paths while pioneering her own. Her collaborative writing and author projects have been featured in National Geographic, Rolling Stone, American Cowboy, and the Red with Love Campaign. You’ll find her buried in a library or hiking a sun-drenched peak somewhere with her son and pup.

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