Sun Cooper

Photo of Sunny Cooper of Follow the Buffalo and My Two Cents Editing

Consulting Editor

Sun Cooper is a writer, editor, and publishing consultant who brings 18 years of experience to My Two Cents Editing. Her work has been featured in National Geographic, Rolling Stone, American Cowboy, Southern Writers, and the Red with Love Campaign; she is an internationally published poet and a regular contributor to literary and travel magazines. She has been a Shakespeare Fellow with Randolph-Macon College, a Blackbird Fellow with A Room Of Her Own Foundation, and an award-winning editor with Best of Nashville, Gazette.

She is the digital editor for Waves, a bimonthly publication featuring diverse creative women in the arts, and an executive consultant with A Room of Her Own Foundation.

In 2012, Sun founded a literary studio specializing in creative writing and publishing projects with vision; that original studio, Follow the Buffalo, evolved in 2019 into Sun Literary. In 2013, she and Meghan Pinson cofounded Outrider Literary to guide authors through indie, hybrid, and traditional publishing projects. 

Sun has a B.A. in English Lit and has studied Modern Masterpieces of World Literature at Harvard University. She is a member of the Certified Professional Writers and Editors, the San Diego Writers and Publishers Association, and Reedsy, where you can see some of her publishing projects.
Sun specializes in vision mapping, manuscript review, book proposals, and literary consultation. She particularly loves working with women authors and on travel, memoir, children’s books, and literary and upmarket fiction. She gravitates to stories that have a strong sense of place, history, and holism. If you go looking for her, you’ll probably find her buried in a library or hiking a sun-drenched peak somewhere with her son and pup.


Sun believes that identifying and following a crystal-clear vision is critical to a writer’s creative work. Your path is unique to you, your story, and your goals. Over the years of working with authors, editors, agents, and publishers, she has developed an uncommonly fun and productive method for writers and organizations interested in reaping wildly potent answers to the three most essential questions every author must ask in publishing today. Her Vision Mapping e-course is four weeks of expertly guided self-paced email correspondence that arrives with a pulpy writer’s packet of materials that will serve you all along your journey. You’ll gain steady legs, a head full of knowledge, and a smart, soulful map of your publishing horizon.

If you would prefer one-on-one conversation and collaboration, a mentorship with Sun could be a great investment. You’ll get dedicated time for questions and feedback, expert review of your work and support of your process, and experienced, thoughtful guidance. She will pair your vision with industry insights and professional resources for the path you’ve chosen.

Although writing is often solitary work, it doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. If you’d like to reserve a block of hours with Sun, please send us a note through the form below.


“It has truly been incredible to work with you. I can not overstate how meaningful this experience has been. I could never have dreamed that my book could become what it is now – a result of your guidance and prodding. You have a wonderful gift, and I’m so happy we found one another. This journey has revealed so much more to me than I could have imagined. Your work is transformative.” – Regan Parker, author of the forthcoming memoir (mis)carriage
“From our first conversation Sunny earned my trust. She clearly was someone with a deep and keen understanding of the human spirit and of the writerly impulse. Her intellectual curiosity, broad knowledge base, and appreciation for matters of the spirit made her a perfect choice.”  Judy Gruen, author of The Skeptic and the Rabbi
“The expertise you gave for writers is invaluable. If every writer had the opportunity to work with you, it would be a boost to their writing career, and help them achieve their goals.” – Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine
“It is just an absolute pleasure – a joy – to work with Sunny.” – Aric S. Queen, author of The Shanghai [Exile] Diaries and National Geographic’s Good Traveler
“The true soul of my project revealed itself to me in ways I never could have known without journeying with Sunny. The results flung open the visual heart of my book and transitioned to a layered, dynamic platform which now guides my larger 10-year plan and overall career focus. I could not sing higher praise for Sunny’s gentle and powerful approach!” – Rachel Garahan, author of A Beauty Collected
“We find you and your work a pleasure. And I would not hesitate to say your writing is masterful.” – Gabriella Schiavino, Editor with American Cowboy Magazine