I am not an established anything (let alone author). But I write. I love to write. I write to be transported, to experience zero gravity, to lose myself in this task that brings me joy and somehow makes time stop (I honestly believe you don’t grow old when you write). So after an embarrassingly long time at designing and building this one particular story I found myself desperately lost. Like some amateur architect I was putting up dividing walls here and there without considering light issues, installing benches and pergolas no one would ever use, and moving my characters around from place to place with no true plan…you know what I mean? LOST. I had no idea if anything in my novel made sense anymore, if my characters were believable or lovable, if the structure I provided was enough, or if i should just stop writing and take up cooking instead. Really. It was painful. So I called Meghan. And you know what she did? Like a fabulous inspector she found every crack in the structure, pointed out the leaky chapters, and tested all the characters for electricity. She also pointed out what worked well, what scenes touched her, which parts made her laugh, and suggested new directions and possibilities.

In a nutshell, Meghan re-drew my architectural plans. And I needed that. Her critique provided an aerial, panoramic, zoomed out yet topographic map of my novel and it was such a gift. If you are feeling lost, no doubt in my mind you should call Meghan immediately.