“Every revision retained my own voice.”

From beginning to end, Meghan was an absolute professional in her attitude and performance. I felt like she deeply wanted me to succeed in creating a book that we would both be proud of.

Hiring her to edit my manuscript was the best decision I made in the entire self-publishing process. What she says about hiring a pro instead of your old English teacher is spot on. I am an English teacher, and Meghan is who you want to edit your work, not someone like me. She is the real deal.

Meghan found and helped me correct my technical errors without making me feel like a fool, and she helped tighten my prose to eliminate unnecessary and misleading words. But I ended up with more than just an error-free manuscript, because she helped me strengthen my message by ruthlessly eliminating anything that was weak. My book became much tighter, and every revision retained my own voice.

I highly recommend Meghan as an editor for any written project. Get in line with the rest of us. She is worth every penny.