Dear Meghan,

Wow! I am so glad I found you. I was surprised to see the critique when I cranked up my computer this morning. I didn’t expect you to finish so soon. The critique is so insightful and encouraging. It is a relief to learn that “The Closing” may be worth reading after all.

I got about 100 pages into the manuscript before I had to break away for a meeting and I didn’t find a single revision or comment I disagreed with. Those suggestions and the sample copy edit you included at about page 20 are wonderful, like sunshine bursting through cloud cover.

I appreciate so much what you have done. I thought you were a good editor when I read what your clients said about you. I thought you were even better after I met you. But it seems I underestimated you. No wonder you’re so busy. You’re really, really great at what you do.


Ken Oder
The Closing – SkipJack Publishing, 2014
Old Wounds to the Heart – SkipJack Publishing, 2015
The Judas Murders – SkipJack Publishing, 2019

Website: Ken Oder