After my first call to Meghan, I felt confident that I had made an excellent choice to get help dusting off a draft of “Paw Tracks” that had been lingering in my word documents for over ten years. With her thorough explanation of the processes, the services, and the prices, I concluded that maybe the two of us could get this book published. And we did…even though as a first time author I sure was high maintenance. She exhibited infinite patience.

Even after I had done an infinite number of edits in advance, the critique woke me up to the fact that there was much more work to do. But the input pointed me in the right direction…even though it bled POV everywhere!

Following the critique and my rewrite (several), Meghan’s edits sharpened the story and brought the main character to life. She earned more than her two cents and I feel like I have a friend in the industry!