As a first-time author with a historical novel I was keen to publish, I needed an editor I could trust to take my manuscript to the next level. But more than that, it was the first in a series of nine novels I planned to write. Not only was I looking for an editor I could trust, but also a publishing professional with whom I could build an on-going relationship as we worked our way through each book.

When I found Meghan, I was immediately struck by her energy, her enthusiasm, her communication, and her references, so I happily handed over my manuscript. When I got it back, I knew I’d found the right person to guide me through the daunting waters of punctuation, character motivation, grammar, plot structure, tense, point-of-view analysis, and so much more.

Meghan knows my ultimate goal is always to produce a piece of work that’s as professional as any book currently available in the marketplace. She doesn’t hesitate to call me on issues such as artificial plot contrivances and coincidences, sagging character motivation, and repetitive sentence construction—and that’s exactly why I keep coming back to her, book after book. Meghan takes her work seriously, and therefore will take YOUR work seriously. Six novels later, I can’t imagine working with anyone else.