With Meghan’s help, I was able to take a good idea and polish it into a great read. Her critique of my first novel helped me tighten up and streamline my thoughts, and pointed out inconsistencies and gaps that I was just too close to see and that even my beta readers missed.

As I reviewed her observations, I found my story getting stronger, while remaining thoroughly mine. Every comment came with clear and constructive reasoning, and while transformative, the critique was far from heavy-handed. The initial apprehensions I’d had quickly faded as I read through her comments and realized she was genuinely interested in helping make my story better — much better. She boosted my confidence in my own ideas.

When the time came for line edits, I could not have asked for a more thorough review. In addition to the standard line-by-line edit, she developed a detailed style sheet for the lingo and specialized words I’d used in my story. She was a master at preserving my ideas and style while reworking my less-than-perfect grammar. Despite suggesting some necessary revisions to some delicate plotlines, she skillfully managed to maintain intricate details and subtle nuances while fixing the grammatical issues.

Her attention to detail bordered on obsessive and further served to underline not only her expertise, but also her commitment to my story.

Meghan’s entire process was incredibly educational, invaluable and unquestionably worth it. She was thorough, utterly professional, and remarkably gentle without pulling a single punch. I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial I found it that every comment was helpful and constructive.

Brian S. Leon
Havoc Rising – Red Adept Press, 2015

Website: BrianSLeon.com