From the moment I began my working relationship with Meghan, she was friendly, professional, funny, sincere, and oh so smart. When it comes to critique, she is the queen. She will help make your manuscript the masterpiece you know it can be. She will pore over every bit of your work and make you feel that it is almost as meaningful to her as it is to you. Meghan will identify your strengths and point out areas that need improving while also giving you suggestions as to how to get there. She is thorough, detailed, and so reliable. I kissed some frogs before I found Meghan and had become disillusioned with the whole editing process, but working with her has given my manuscript new life and I am so excited to keep on going and finish this baby.

Tiffany Zlatich Tuttle
Being and Awesomeness: Get Rad, Stay Rad – self-help/psychology, 2014