Dear writers,

Let us all take a deep, long breath and step away from our screens for a spell before we fry our brains and reach for the hammer. I’ll go first.

I just wrapped up forty hours fixing my broken website from the bottom up and the only visible proof is a few new fonts. (THEY ARE EXCELLENT FONTS. It is decidedly so.)

I have renewed sympathy for those of you who spend days, months, years fixing one part of your book only to find that the rest goes off the rails while your back is turned. Editing is often thankless work, whether it’s on a story, a Cascading Style Sheet, or a chin full of stubble. Wild things like words and webs and whiskers want to wave and sprout and stumble over all the rules we try to set for them.

I’m writing tonight to transition back from editing my website, which is the worst kind of hell for me, to editing the stories that are patiently waiting on my hard drive, which is a proven kind of bliss. Even a hard day of editing for an author who chose me is a very, very good day in my book.

I hope you’re writing and reading and getting outside. Keep up the good work and stay in touch.


P.S. I took the photo above at Castor River Shut-Ins near Fredericktown, Missouri, a couple weeks ago. Get there if you can–it’s a very special place.