The Ultimate Manuscript Critique Starter Pack

Expert guidance and constructive feedback from 5+ betas and 1 expert editor for $599

The Ultimate Manuscript Critique Starter Pack is the best deal you’ll ever find.

Intro edit

  • 1 hour of editing/critique
  • 1 hour of correspondence/editing/consultation

One round of wild betas

  • No guarantees, but access to our 60+ volunteers. The readers who respond to your book description are organically attracted to your book, and therefore the perfect test audience before your reviews start hitting the internet. We’ll find out whether, when, and why they put the book down.

One round of domesticated betas

  • Guaranteed, timely manuscript critique from 2 paid readers in your target audience. These are careful, dedicated readers who will finish your book, complete our beta reader questionnaire, and collaborate with us on your follow-up questions.

Strategy session

  • One hour of consulting to help you determine your best next steps for writing, revising, pitching, publishing, and/or marketing your book.

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