How to show your readers what your mind’s eye sees.

Matthew Arkin, Lead Story Editor

In this self-paced online writing course taught by Lead Story Editor Matthew Arkin, writers tackle a series of exercises designed to evoke vivid imagery and active characterization.

Each exercise begins with a writing assignment that sparks a conversation on the page between teacher and student. Matthew’s comprehensive annotations and critique notes help students understand how their decisions about which words to put on the page affect the reader. The course includes three 15-minute check-ins by phone or email and concludes with a one-hour Skype or phone consultation.

6-week course: only $599

Here’s what clients are saying about The Storyteller’s Eye: 

“This course got my creative juices flowing…I started editing my novel (again) last weekend, and this time I feel like I know what I’m doing.”  – M.D., fiction writer

“The difference from my first attempts and my final drafts was enormous. [Matthew] helped me see where I was telling rather than showing, which I’d always suspected I do, but never really understood until now.” – K.L., memoir writer

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