Writing & editing workshops

Take your writing group to the next level

Book us for a workshop in Los Angeles or St. Louis. Check out our menu for details on our Editing Master Class series and Novel Revision 101: DIY and Collaborative Revision and contact Meghan to discuss possibilities.

Writing workshops

Creating a Sustainable Writing Practice – 5-week workshop for adults

YA Nanos – A fast-paced 6-week NaNoWriMo workshop for young people

Editing workshops

Editing Master Classes – A series of 1-hour workshops for fiction writers

Novel Revision 101: DIY and Collaborative Revision – A 3-hour workshop for fiction writers with finished manuscripts

Book marketing workshops

Book Description Blast – A 2-hour workshop for indies with a book to sell

Pitching Practice – A 2-hour workshop for authors seeking agents



  • 2017 ShowMe Writers Master Class, Columbia, MO

    "Thank you for sharing your comments and suggestions on my writing during our mentoring session yesterday. I was a little nervous about receiving feedback and you made the experience not only painless but a pleasure. I am fired up to keep working on my short story. Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm!" 

  • 2018 ShowMe Writers Master Class Mini: Exposition Exposed

    "Thanks, Meghan. I enjoyed the workshop. Fascinating group of participants.  While we are collectively “trying to be better writers,” we are individually on different paths, with different skills and desired outcomes. Your course was very helpful considering the diversity of participants."

  • 2018 St. Louis Publishers Association: Book Description Blast

    "Meghan’s Book Description Blast workshop provided exactly the help I needed as a novice author. After a useful and concise presentation, Meghan efficiently assembled more than 60 attendees into small groups based on their writing genre. After each participant had the opportunity to modify his or her own book description with the help of others in their group, several people shared their revised blurbs to the large group.  No 'sit and git' at this workshop. The speed and ease with which Meghan expressed productive suggestions to myself and others during sharing amazed me and proved valuable. Her comments helped me really focus on what I intended to say, as opposed to what I actually said."

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