We help writers get serious.

We believe that if you’re ready to do the work, you deserve someone who can guide you through it.

When writers don’t have reliable feedback, they have no way of knowing how their work measures up. Agents rarely explain why they’re passing on a manuscript. Online reviewers are brutally unconcerned with your hopes and intentions. Friends and family often give falsely optimistic critique that leaves you no better off than before.

Not everyone has access to a formal writing program or a high-quality writers’ workshop, but if you’re willing to do the work to take your writing to the next level, we’ll meet you where you are.

We understand the challenges involved in finding, processing, and executing insightful editorial feedback. We’ve been helping authors improve their writing — both style and story — for the past ten years. We will listen to where you want to go, help you clarify your vision, and guide you along a path that’s right for you and your writing.

Our process

Stage 1: Critique

  1. Editorial Consultation – to discuss your ambitions and concerns
  2. Manuscript Assessment – mini or comprehensive manuscript critique, script/screenplay critique, hourly critique, and beta readers
  3. Developmental Editing – hourly

Stage 2: Copyediting

  1. Hourly Editing – for partial manuscripts
  2. Copyediting + Proofreading – for full manuscripts
  3. Post-Editing Cleanup – to prepare the manuscript for submission

Stage 3: Publication Prep

  1. Publishing Consultation – to identify your goals and clarify your vision
  2. Strategy Sessions – to devise your path forward
  3. Market Research – to inform your strategies

Long story short, the right guidance can transform promising writers into good ones — and pretty good books into excellent ones. Connect with us and we’ll show you how. We’d love to be part of your story.