Copyediting + Proofreading


A 30-minute Strategy Session by phone or Zoom.

In this call, we will help you revise (or draft) your book description and discuss your publication plan to make sure your schedule and goals are realistic.

A fully copyedited manuscript.

Your manuscript will have the full attention of two expert editors: Meghan Pinson and Rhonda Erb. When you send your manuscript to us, we will prepare the document, then begin editing. One editor will complete the first editing pass over the next few weeks, leaving notes for the second editor in the margin. Over the next couple of weeks, the second editor will complete the next editing pass, resolving queries and collaborating on solutions for more complex questions. The manuscript will be finalized and prepared for your review.

An editorial letter and style sheet.

We will write a brief editorial letter that provides instructions for reviewing the edited manuscript. We’ll email the edited manuscript, editorial letter, style sheet, and second invoice to you, and invite you to schedule your next Strategy Session.

A second 30-minute Strategy Session.

In this conversation, you’ll have a chance to ask questions about your edited manuscript, get tech support, and make a review schedule. It’s wise to give yourself a few weeks to review the manuscript, accept or stet changes, and respond to queries. When you finish your review, you’ll send the manuscript back to me for post-editing cleanup, which is billed separately at $99/hour.

Billed separately at $99/hour: Post-editing cleanup.

When you finish reviewing the edited manuscript, you’ll send your revisions to us for post-editing cleanup. During this final and vital part of the process, we will review and incorporate your changes, answer your questions, and make new suggestions as needed. We will exchange the manuscript as many times as necessary until it is free of comments and tracked changes and is exactly the way you want it.

Although our post-editing cleanup service is indispensable, we bill separately for it to create a disincentive to rewrite your book after it has been fully and professionally copyedited. We are happy to take the time to help you understand our revisions and will follow your lead to give your book the final polish that makes your story shine.

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