Ever wonder what our beta reader program is all about?

If you’ve ever tried to get objective feedback on your writing, you know it’s easier said than done. Our wild beta readers are volunteers who request only the manuscripts that sound intriguing to them — and only finish the questionnaires about half the time.

We crunched the numbers and thought we’d share the results with you here — take a look at how our last six campaigns have gone. 

Take a look at our projects from the past six months . . . 

Our Wild Beta List

25 new beta readers signed up in April

251 new betas signed up in the last 12 months

25% of our list sometimes opens our beta bait newsletters

11% of our list almost always opens our beta bait newsletters

Our Last 6 Projects

Fiction: A Goddess Among Men

286 recipients

41.5% opens

18 requests for the novel 

Current project — no results available.

Fiction: The Indwelling

211 recipients

41.6% opens

13 requests for the novel

7 completed questionnaires

Fiction: Eyes of God

151 recipients

41.6% opens

15 requests

5 completed questionnaires

Crime thriller: Papa Bear Murders

(published in February by SkipJack Publishing as The Judas Murders — buy it now!)

135 recipients

67% open rate

14 requests

10 completed questionnaires

Modern fantasy: Soul Dimension

135 recipients

67% open rate

21 requests

5 completed questionnaires

Spy fiction: Wun: Decommissioned

90 recipients

48.4% open rate

31 requests

10 completed questionnaires

Fantasy: The Big Cinch

90 recipients

44% open rate

13 requests

9 completed questionnaires

Want to test your market without waiting for Amazon reviews or agents’ responses?

If you’re interested in working with our wild betas, you can read more about the program here. For $250, we’ll submit your title and book description to our list (going strong at 286 subscribers as of today) and send you their completed questionnaires in about a month. We’ll even help you make sense of them. 

Easy peasy, right?