We teach authors and editors how to line edit.

But first of all, what is line editing, and why should you care?

Line editing is essentially deep copyediting. The purpose of copyediting is to make a piece of writing clear, correct, and consistent, but line editing goes much deeper.

Rewriting, rethinking, and restructuring a piece of writing can dramatically improve the flow, rhythm, style, and structure of your work, but it’s hard to learn how to do it if you didn’t fall in love with grammar as a kid.

Learning to work magic with language at the sentence level is one of the two lead measures in writing (the other being learning to tell a great story), and we can teach you how to do it. This means digging deep with an experienced mentor and thinking out loud through revisions that affect voice, tone, mood, pacing, tension, point of view, character development . . . and more. Developing your ability to discern what your sentences are doing to your story will make you a stronger writer, full stop.

Level up your writing skills with one-on-one line-editing sessions.

What would happen if you ended the paragraph here?

What is this word trying to do?

Would this character really say this?

Our line-editing sessions create space for explorative conversations about what’s happening on the sentence level in your work. We begin with a conversation about your writing process and your goals, then we’ll meet online and start to experiment with revisions in real time. At the end of the hour, we’ll set goals for revision and decide when to follow up.

Learning how to line edit your work with a seasoned editor will help you streamline your process and deepen your understanding of your craft. Book a session now or drop us a line through the form below.

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