Line-Editing Sessions


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Level up your writing skills with one-on-one editing sessions.

Line editing can be thought of as deep copyediting. Whereas copyediting aims to make a piece of writing clear, correct, and consistent, line editing goes deeper, seeking to improve the flow, rhythm, and style of the work. This is where the magic happens and your writing improves.

Our line-editing sessions create space for exploring what’s happening on the sentence level in your work. What would happen if you broke the line here, rather than there? What is this word really getting at? Is it effective to use imprecise language here? Did you mean to use variations of this verb three dozen times in your story?

If you’re interested in taking a deep dive into improving the sound, flow, sense, and rhythm of your writing, this is a great way to learn. There’s no need to have a complete draft or to be anywhere near making a plan for publication. All you need is a desire to deepen your understanding of how your words are working on the page.

Read more about line editing here.

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