A First Read

If you need to know whether your work is ready for the reading public, start with our beta reader program or a manuscript critique.

“That first reading, in which you stand in for the readers who will follow, can be crucial to sharpening the author’s thesis, helping to build her argument, and clarifying her voice.”
– Scott Norton, What Editors Do

Introduction to Editing

If you’ve never worked with a professional editor before, or if you’d like to start small and explore the possibilities, our Introduction to Editing service is a great way to begin.

Manuscript Critique

If you’re looking for big-picture feedback on how your book is working, our Manuscript Critique service will tell you. What would happen if you sent this out to agents right now? What kind of reviews would you get if you indie-published this tomorrow? We’ll help you understand how your work measures up — and how to get it to the next level.

Copyediting & Proofreading

If you’re inclined to go straight into copyediting, we hope you’ll change your mind.

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