Private Writing Workshops

Give yourself a creative boost with private writing workshops designed just for you. In a series of virtual workshops, you’ll be guided through creative writing exercises guaranteed to get your ink flowing, get encouraging and constructive feedback on your work in progress, and begin to develop a sustainable writing practice based on good science and attainable goals.

Contact us for special pricing if you’d like to bring a friend or two.

One hour: $99
Two hours: $175
Three hours: $250

Accountability Partners for Writers

$250/month (4 weeks):
4 Email Check-ins on Sundays
4 Strategic Assignments on Sundays
1 Critique: Notes on 5,000 words delivered on one Sunday a month
$500/month (4 weeks):
4 Email Check-Ins scheduled each Sunday
4 Strategic Assignments delivered on Sundays
4 Critiques: Notes on 5,000 words delivered on Sundays

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