Sensitivity Readers and Authenticity Readers

What are sensitivity readers?

Sensitivity readers, also called authenticity readers and diversity readers, are professional readers who help authors identify unconscious bias in their work. They are people whose lived experience informs their perspective as they scout out microaggressions against marginalized and underrepresented people.

Would your manuscript benefit from authenticity readers?

If you’re unsure about how privilege and power dynamics are handled in your manuscript and you’d like honest, considerate feedback on how to revise toward more diversity and inclusivity, working with authenticity readers is a great idea.

We think that if you’re writing the other and are wondering how your work is coming across, it’s wise to ask someone who knows.

Getting a sensitivity read does not by any means guarantee that your book won’t offend or irritate anyone — no one can speak for an entire group, regardless of their experience or identity. As with any story critique from an experienced editor, you’ll get one person’s informed opinions.

Contact Sun Cooper at Sun Literary for more information.

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