Script Critique


  • 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and process
  • Script critique
  • Logline critique
  • Synopsis critique
  • Scoresheet with diversity ratings
  • Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating
  • 30-minute strategy session to to answer your questions and explore your next steps
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What is Script Critique?

Script critique is professional feedback that illuminates the strengths and weaknesses in a story crafted for stage, film, or television and makes recommendations for improvement.

Our Approach to Script Critique

Our script coverage includes a detailed analysis of your script, logline, and synopsis; a scoresheet that includes diversity ratings; and our take on whether your script would get a Pass, Consider, or Recommend rating if it were submitted to agents, directors, or investors in the current draft.

We know you have questions that a written critique can’t satisfy, so we’ll invite you to a pre-critique concept talk by phone or Zoom. We want to hear where you’ve been with this story and where you want to go.

After you’ve had a chance to digest your critique, we’ll connect again to help you move into your next draft with clarity and confidence.

If you’re wondering how well you’ve handled the elements of storytelling for stage and screen in your work in progress, this is where to begin.

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